Monday, November 10, 2008

Christmas Craft Fairs and Devil Ladies

Every year around this time there is a plethora of Christmas Craft Fairs. Every year we go to about four of them, trolling mostly for candles and fudge. Oh, we also make fun (politely away from the person, of course) of some of the cheesy crafts that are being sold. I know, it's mean, but it's oh so fun!

So far this year we've been to two: one was super crappy and the other one wasn't too bad.

The first one said it was a craft fair but it was mostly pre-made mass production crap that looked like it could be purchased through an infomercial. The only saving grace of the afternoon was the cheesecake.

The second one was much more crafty and this year I ran into an old friend from high school who has her own jewelery company, Knotty Handscapes. And I have to say, she has the nicest jewelery we've seen so far this Christmas season. I even bough a piece and she is going to help Jason as he embarks on his jewelery making career. We even managed to chat with her for a few seconds before being pushed on to the next booth by a throng of Devil Ladies and strollers. Really, you know it's going to be jam packed, was there a need to bring the twins in their double stroller?

Next week end is the one we've been looking forward to: The PEI Crafts Council at the Confed Center. Our friend Candy, who owns and runs Sweet and Sour Gargoyles is going to be there along with other top quality artisans. And this year we might even be able to afford a piece or two.

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