Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sparkling Water why have tho forsaken me?

I love sparkling water and I always have. When I was younger anytime we headed across to Nova Scotia or New Brunswick I would never buy canned pop. Why bother when I could get the bottled stuff at home? But there was no sparkling water on PEI. Anywhere. So I’d always load up on that.
When they made the decision to sell canned and plastic bottles on PEI I jumped for joy not because I had a fetish for cans, but because finally my precious sparkling water would be sold here. No more rationing it out. If I wanted some all I had to do was hop in the car and drive to Sobey’s. Or so I thought.
I refuse to eat or drink anything with aspartame or sucralose in it. Both are poisons linked to a slew of medical problems. No thank you. But it seems that that is all they put in sparkling water now. Which sucks for me. I hunted high and low last night for sparkling water without artificial sweeter. See, I’d rather be over weight than embalmed with chemicals. I finally found one lone bottle of peach flavor at Shoppers. I gleefully snatched it up and took it home with me. Now I just have to make it last. Cuz God knows when I’ll hit the Mainland again.


Carol said...

I know... I've been looking for it myself, but i don't think I'd like the peach flavour :(

BookAddict said...

Hey Carol.. Sobey's has it! Yay! No artificial sweetener, just good ole' sugar. And they have flavors other than Peach :0)