Thursday, May 1, 2008

Canned pop and the end of the world

Okay, so the big day is fast approaching. The day most Islanders have been waiting for. Canned pop is arriving. Yes, folks, canned pop. Now, I'm not a big pop drinker, so I wasn't all whoohooo! when the announcement was made that yes, we would be getting canned carbonated beverages back on PEI. But some people were estatic. Giddy even. Yet others have been bitching non stop about the demise of the glass bottle. Why the big hoopla? The environmental implications? Well some folks are concerned that most of the cans will end up in the trash. The measly five cent return on a can? This is being touted as the reason the cans may end up in the trash. The new deposit cost on other beverages like bottle water? Some people are upset, but hey, I like my tap water. But the real stink, my friends, is over taste. Some folks absolutely HATE the taste of canned pop. Others love it. Personally, I'm a bit curious as to how they'd do in a blind taste test. See, it's all about mind over matter. You think canned pop tastes funny, therefore it does. Here's an example: the first time I went to make chili for my husband, then my boyfriend, he was very clear that it had to be made with "real" beans. By this he meant beans in a bag, soaked over night, and cooked for about 6 days. Now, most of my cooking involves the microwave, so this whole bean thing was a bit of a piss off. But love is stupid so I followed his directions. He loved the chili of course. He also loved the chili the next two times I made it. With canned beans. Oh the trickery. I had previously learned this little lesson and felt I had to pass it on to him. Plus, soaking and cooking food? No freakin' way.
As for my mind over matter taste test, it was served on a pile of fries by my mother. I was a Heinz ketchup girl when I was younger and wouldn't eat any other kind. After I went away to university and complained about the cost of dear old Heinz, my Mom 'fessed up that I had been having no name ketchup for years. She just poured it into a Heinz kethup bottle when I wasn't home. Mind over matter. So you see, bottled or canned, it's still pop. And it's still bad for you. So skip it and have a big ole glas of tap water. You'll thank me later.

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