Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An old friend lost, a new one found

Sadly, my hubby and I had to make the decision last week to put one of our birds to sleep. Russell Crow was a wee bit older than we thought he was. He had him pegged at around 5 when in reality he was closer to 12. He was dying of old age, and as we are all about quality over quantity, we decided to let him die with a bit of dignity.

Enter Ciaran. Ciaran is a 5 week old rescued crow that is as sweet as the dickens. He's still being hand fed, even though I caught him eating on his own a few times. He generally hands out next to my desk on the back of the couch playing and watching me write. Every once in a while he'll hop down onto my desk to help me work, which basically means he tries to eat everything in sight, especially my escape button. He loves pens and I believe there are currently about 8 on the floor behind the couch.

He hates being put in his house and I have to cover him so he doesn't flail around like a twit. I have a super big cage on order for him, so hopefully he'll like it when it comes.

He in no way replaces Russell. That's not what we are about. But we believe in providing a home for as many rescued animals as we can. Right now we are at our maximum, so when one of our babies passes on, we open our home to another.

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